Tensen is a complete, integrated web accounting system for businesses which sell physical items and/or provide services. You have a choice of using it from the cloud or from your own computers. Additionally, you can decide if you want to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee or a one-time payment for it.

The following modules are available in Tensen:-

General Ledger (GL)


The GL allows you to:-


  • Manage GL codes
  • Manage cash receipts and payments
  • Manage bank receipts and payments
  • Manage debtor receipts
  • Manage creditor payments
  • Manage adjustments
  • Prepare and print bank reconciliation statements
  • Print the trial balance
  • Print the profit and loss account
  • Print the balance sheet
  • Audit posted transactions
  • and more...

Debtors' Ledger (DL)


The DL allows you to:-


  • Manage debtor details
  • Manage quotations* (available for certain editions only)
  • Manage pro forma invoices
  • Manage sales invoices
  • Manage credit notes
  • Manage debit notes
  • Print statement of accounts
  • Print the ageing report
  • Print the SST-02 report
  • Manage salesmen, locations and payment types
  • Manage industry and business types
  • and more...

Creditors' Ledger (CL)


The CL allows you to:-


  • Manage creditor details
  • Manage purchase invoices
  • Manage credit notes
  • Manage debit notes
  • Print the ageing report
  • and more...

Stock Ledger (SL)


The SL allows you to:-


  • Manage stock categories
  • Manage stock data for physical stocks and services
  • Manage stock receipts
  • Manage stock adjustments
  • Manage customs tariff codes
  • Print the stock movement report
  • Print the excess stock report
  • Print the stock reorder report
  • Print the stocktake worksheet
  • and more...



The following modules allow you to:-


  • Change preferences
  • Manage transaction batches
  • Manage opening balances for GL, DL and CL
  • Manage email content and logs
  • Rebuild and validate ledgers
  • Change the application date
  • Backup data files
  • Restore data files (Desktop only)
  • Manage users and access levels
  • Check for program update (Desktop only)
  • Display online help
  • and more...

Summary Of Features And Prices

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