About Tensen

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About Tensen

Tensen is a complete and easy-to-use web accounting system for individuals and companies. It can be installed in your own computer and you can use it as a standalone or multiple computers in a physically connected network within your office. Additionally, you can also choose to access it over a Wi-Fi or mobile broadband connection in or outside your office. The other option is to use it in the cloud without the need to install it into your own computer.




Tensen contains the following modules:-


File - Used to backup and restore (Desktop only) your data files and exit the application.

General ledger (GL) - Manage cash/bank transactions, adjustments, receipts and payments. It is also used to generate the bank statement, profit and loss account, balance sheet and other reports. It is linked to the debtors' and creditors' ledgers.

Debtors' ledger (DL) - Manage quotations, pro forma invoices, sales invoices, credit notes and debit notes for debtors and generate the ageing report, statement of accounts and other reports. It is linked to the GL and stock ledger.

Creditors' ledger (CL) - Manage purchase invoices, credit notes and debit notes for creditors. It is linked to the GL and stock ledger.

Stock ledger (SL) - Manage stock categories, stock data, stock receipts and adjustments for physical stock items. It can also be used to manage the services you provide. In addition, it is linked to the CL for supplier codes and the GL for sales and purchase codes.

Housekeeping - Allows you to change preferences, manage batch records, manage email content and logs, validate and rebuild ledgers, change the application date, manage licences among others.

Security - Manage the users who will be able to use Tensen. In addition, you can specify which modules can used by each user.

Help - This suite of modules allow you to access the online help for Tensen, check for updates and view information about Tensen.


Tensen is available in four editions. They are Jade, Topaz, Ruby and Diamond. You can visit Tensen's web page for more information about the differences between the editions.